Kiryat Gat  גת קרית


Kiryat Gat is one fine Israeli city, however it is one that few know about and fewer have ever seen. Still, despite its some what veiled presence in the Holy Land it is a young plant beginning to give bloom to its flowers and also project its presence around the world.

Located part way between Tel Aviv and Beer Sheva, this blossoming all Jewish city of close to 50,000 good souls, is nothing short of an excellent place to live and raise a family.


It has all the amenities one could ask for including an indoor and outdoor shopping malls.



Come and stroll in one of the Kiryat Gat parks. Enjoy yourself in sunny Israel.



In ancient days this area was home to the giant which David slew by the name of Goliath of Gath. (Heb. is Gat). Thus the name Kiryat Gat. Today it is home to the Jewish people who inherited this land according to the promises G-d made to Abraham. 



In Kiryat Gat the Homes, Condos and Apartments are planted on excellent streets and project a peaceful atmosphere.




As said previously Kiryat Gat area was home to the Giant named Goliath in ancient days. However now that he and his ancient people the Philistines who troubled the children of Abraham are gone, another Giant has come to settle here. That is Computer Giant Intel founded by Andrew Grove the Jew and inventor of the modern day Pentium silicon chip that operates computers around the world. This Giant of a man was 1997's Time Magazines man of the year. He has changed the world forever. 

In 1999 Intel opened its 1.6 Billion dollar plant manufacturing Micro Processors and employed about 2,000 people. Now in 2008 Intel is completing another manufacturing plant in the Kiryat Gat south industrial zone. The cost of this plant is an astounding 3.6 Billion dollars. It will employ  thousands of more workers, therefore the profound effect that the little city of Kiryat Gat will have on the world will not be able to be measured. See the photo below of this mammoth facility spanning several buildings.

Kiryat Gats hi tech presences goes beyond  Intel. Across the street from Intel is world famous computer and digital equipment manufacturer Hewlett Packerd.




Kiryat Gats hi tech sector does not end here but other important companies have chosen to plant themselves here. 


Kiryat Gat is in an excellent location. Not only is it less the 70 kilometers to Jerusalem is is less then 50 kilometers to the  Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva. Seen in photos below.


Take the Path to a new life here in Beautiful Kiryat Gat!


From Kiryat Gat you can take the hi tech rail service  to most places you want to visit in the country. View the Railway map on the left. The beaches of Nahariya or Netanya are not too far away when you take the train. Or visit Jerusalem by train and enjoy the country side.


So what do you say? Have one last look at this special city and consider moving the Ark for your soul to a resting place set aside for the children of Abraham.


So when are you coming Home!?


“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.” Tehillim (Psalms) 125:1-2

The Help and Education Center aims to provide educational reinforcement, and therapeutic and welfare services for the well being and advancement of weak populations in of Kiryat Gat. Click photo below or click