Eilat אילת

So we went on past our kinsmen the descendants of Esav living in Se’ir, left the road through the Aravah from Eilat and Etzyon.Gever, and turned to pass along the road through the desert of Moav. D’varim.(Deuteronomy) 2:8

Indeed, the G-d of Israel took His children all the way to Eilat during their wanderings in the wilderness. Yes, even G-d gives His children a vacation retreat.


Today people come from all over the world to vacation in Eilat. However to the Jews who live there, it is home. It can also be your Home. Since Eilat is host to people from all over the world, the people who live there can be considered Ambassadors for Israel. They are the face of Israel to all the guests coming to visit this Beautiful Sea Shore site on the Gulf of Aqaba, which branches out from the Red Sea. Today over 50,000 people live in Eilat.

A person once reflected on his visit to this Jewish city and thought to himself, that people who live here, live all year on what would be equivalent to a Caribbean Island Oasis resort. However one difference is that the inhabitants are Jews and unlike many of the Island resorts where they tell the tourist to stay near the Hotel area complex for their own safety, people who live here are free to enjoy the many exiting things that this city has to offer them. Eilat is host to some of the world’s largest Hotel complexes and there is nothing in Israel that compares to it.



Eilat is about a 4-hour drive from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. However there are flights into and out of Eilat. EL-AL flies into Eilat and so does First Choice Airways of U.K. In less then an hour you can be at Ben Gurion Airport. Residents of Eilat also receive a discount on flights going to the north that no one else in Israel gets. This compensates them for living in a more remote area.


Eilat is an important city. It is strategically set as a gateway to the Indian and pacific oceans. Every great world power had a gateway to both eastern and western hemispheres. Israel has the Mediterranean coast as a gateway to the Atlantic and the Eilat shores to the Far East. When King Solomon was at the height of his Kingdom and Israel a world power, from these southern shores he sent out Ships to bring back gold from Ophir. Today the port of Eilat sends and receives millions of tons of goods. In fact


merchants from the Far East are using it as an overland bypass rout to the Mediterranean Sea via the Port of Ashdod. It is cheaper then paying the fees having to pass through the Suez Canal. The government is also building a rail line that will reach Eilat and increase its capacity for this on a high-speed train. The Port of Eilat is not a third world port but it is the most up to date, state of the art facility. Also its cranes are highly sophisticated and the methods for container storage are world class and the port equipment is the most advanced.


Although most regard Eilat as a tourist city it is also a port, therefore there are a variety of jobs to have in this great city.

An American women named Eve who had moved to Eilat said that here she enjoyed a less stressful pace of everyday life. Anne who came to live here from Canada says that the isolation of the town brings about in the people a more sense of community, which draws people together.

 Another great thing about Eilat is that residents receive local identity cards, which entitle them to  get reduced prices at some Eilat tourist attractions, get reduced prices at some merchants, including restaurant meals, reduced air airs when flying to and from central Israel and an annual parking sticker for one's car for a small fee. Also people of Eilat do not pay the VAT tax as other Israelis do.



There are many exciting things to do in Eilat. An out standing place to visit or even work is the underwater observatory, Marine Park and nature museum. A person can view the corals with the beautiful colorful fish. How about seeing the sharks and sea turtles from open-air custom-built tanks. There is an underwater observation tower and one can also explore the corals reefs and marine life in a Yellow Submarine. Here you can also sea the underwater beauty in a glass bottom boat. There is a large sea aquarium.




There is a place in Eilat called Dolphin Reef because dolphins make there home here. In other words they chose to live here and are not captive but a person can go and visit these wonderful creatures. Sit by the out door cafes and restaurant and see G-d’s friendly fish who like being near people.


Eilat is one of the world’s best places for Scuba diving and snorkeling because of the coral and under water life to see. Also, because the sea waters of Eilat are calm, the area is


  great for other  types of water sports as well, such as swimming, wind surfer, water-skier, and Parasailing. Some call the waters here the scuba divers underwater classroom. You can learn the sport at various centers offering many different courses.


If you want to learn how to Sky dive you can do so in Eilat, at the Eilat Skydive school. They make it look easy. The calm waters also make it a great place for sailboats, Yachts and motorboats. There are even yacht cruises that depart often from the marina.


Did you know that Eilat is world famous for bird watching and that it sits by the path of one of the larges bird migratory routes in the world? Bird watchers come here from all over the word to see all sorts of rare birds. Actually Eilat is the headquarters for the International Bird watching Center.




Just 17 miles north of the city is Timna Valley National Park. Here people like to go on hikes. There are camel rides and Jeep tours. Once it was the location of an ancient copper mind used by King Solomon. There is an artificial lake here that is a popular recreational area.


Eilat has recently opened a spectacular IMAX Theatre.  It is a state of the art three-dimensional movie theatre and the only one of its kind in the Middle East. The building is shaped like a pyramid and stands 10 story’s high. It can be found located in Central Park.

If you never want to see the cold or a gloomy day then Eilat is for you. It is not that humid in Eilat, they get sun on most days of the year and in the winter the temperature rarely will go below 20 degrees C or 68 F.

An amazing and unique thing iu Eilat is that on the seventh night of Pesach, Rabbi Yoseph Hecht the chief Rabbi of Eilat, leads those interested to the shores of the Re(e)d Sea and the Song at the Red Sea noted in Exodus Chap. 15 is sung there as the sun rises over the mountains of Edom. They are the only Jewish community in the world that can sing the Shir Hayam at the Yam Suf. 

Here is also a branch of Ben Gurion University. Many students love to come here to study. The city has many unique things to do and learn. Eilat has an airport and here one can go to flight school.



There are kosher restaurants and hotels in Eilat.  One should not think there are no synagogues in Eilat because there are. There are many synagogues here. There are religious schools, which include a Chabad school and center. Also the Yeshiva Eilat Hashachar to teach your young men.


When you want to travel north into the central part of Israel you have the blessing of passing through some of the most beautiful desert mountain scenery in the world.



Eilat is an exiting and adventuress place to live. If you want to relax, this is your place. If you want do things, this is your place. Here there is no shortage of beautiful modern homes. Can you think of a more exiting place for children to grow up in? This is Israel, not a third world country and it was put here for a home for you. Our ancestors in the wilderness first visited here. Actually they lived here for a time. What about you! There are Houses, Condos and Apartments here for you!




So When Are You Coming Home?!


“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.” Tehillim.(Psalms) 125:1-2  

הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם  חסדו  


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