Jerusalem ירושלים 

To get to Jerusalem our El Al flight will take us over Beautiful Tel Aviv .

We must land and connect to Terminal 3. It is the new multi Billion Dollar airport terminal recently completed. One of the most modern airport terminals in the world.

After getting off the Jet we will head down the path toward the luggage area.

As we walk by look through the window and see below people waiting for flights in the Beautiful terminal gate waiting area. 

We have now picked up our luggage at one of the most efficient luggage retrieval systems in the world. Now we will be prepared to leave the excellent Airport grounds and see the beloved Land close up!

Lets take the exit and follow the signs saying Jerusalem. It so easy. Israel has one of the most modern road systems in the world. Don't worry. The signs are also in English.

Now lets take the Road to Jerusalem and see Our Beloved Holy City.

First Stop...The Kotel

"I was glad when they said unto me, 'let us go into the House of Hashem. Our feet shall stand within your Gates O Jerusalem. Built up Jerusalem is like a city that is united together, where the tribes go up, the tribes of Hashem, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks to the Name of Hashem.'" Tehillim.122:1-4




"For Zion's sake will I not hold My Shalom, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until her righteousness goes forth as brightness, and her salvation as a Lamp that burns.....You who make mention of  Hashem, do not keep silent, and give Him no rest until HE establishes and until HE makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth." Yesha'yahu.62:1,6,7

"For behold, I am recreating Jerusalem as gladness, and her people a joy. And I will rejoice in Jerusalem, and exult with My people;..." Yesha'yahu.65:18,19



Jerusalem  a Modern Miracle 

  Jerusalem is with out argument the most important piece of property in the world. To be more exact, Holy East Jerusalem. And to be most specific, the Temple mount in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Place in which G-d said, "I.will.put My Name Forever"                    East Jerusalem  is our Jerusalem. East Jerusalem is Jerusalem. In other words, west Jerusalem cannot be considered Jerusalem unless it is attached to Holy East Jerusalem and united. 

On the left is a map of the Holy City. The map shows the so called east - west division. The Old City can be seen in the center of Jerusalem on the west side of East Jerusalem. The white rectangle inside the the Old City is the Temple Mount. 

This is the most sacred piece of property in the world. For 2,000 years the prayers of our people have been directed toward this place and every synagogue in the world faces this direction with prayers offered up on behalf of this place with every one facing in this direction for century after century. Today our Beloved G-d is answering our prayers. 




We having been viewing photos from the Kotel in front of the Temple Mount

The Kotel has a library. See the opening.

Inside people read important books.


Did you know that G-d loves the gates of the Old City? It is written..

Hashem Loves the Gates of Zion more than all the dwellings of Jacob. Glorious things are spoken of you City of G-d.  Tehillim.87:2,3

On the right one can see a map of the Old City. And if you look closely you can see the names of the Gates. Here are the names of the 8 Holy Gates to the Old City...

1).Herods.Gate on the north side.

2).Damascus.Gate  on the North. 

3).New.Gate on the north west 

4).Jaffa.Gate on the west

5).Zion.Gate on the south.

6).Dung.Gate on the south east.  

7).Lions.Gate on the east side 

8).Golden.Gate This Holy East Gate faces the Temple Mount and is the only Gate not open.

Below are the photos of each Gate. Starting with the Herod's gate on the top left and going right in the above mentioned order and finishing with the Golden Gate on the bottom right.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,................................................................................................................................................. .    


"Foreigners will rebuild your Walls." Yesha'yahu 60:10  

It was in the year 1535 that the Turkish ruler Suleiman El Hakim of the Ottoman Empire ordered the rebuilding of these Holy Walls just as the prophet had said in ancient times, "Foreigners will rebuild your Walls."

This wall which surrounds the Old City is two and one half miles of lime stone. It encompasses an area of approximately one square kilometer. This is the size of the Old City. The ancient city of David is located on the south side out side the wall and borders the Kidron Valley.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Inside the wall is of coarse the Old City. On the map to the left you can see the location of the Jewish Quarter. In front of the Jewish Quarter is the Har HaBayit (Temple Mount). Facing the Jewish Quarter is the Kotel (Western wall of prayer). It is a retaining wall of the second Temple which was restored by King Herod. However the Romans failed to destroy it.







When Jews come to the wall, they come to pray. It is like reaching out to touch the Holy Blessed One. Just reach out and touch the stones. It is true, our one and only G-d does hear prayer. Yes, Young, and old, learned and unlearned, the sincere prayers of a persons heart will ascend up like sweet incense. When are you coming here to pray?



 "Then Solomon began to build the Temple of Hashem in Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. Divrei.Hayamin.Bet 3:1


One might ask..."Is there good Jewish life in the old city?"  Let have a look.




    There are Jews living here from every walk of life. Many religious but also some who are not so religious. 


     Like any other place there are children playing. One can find schools and shops and buy groceries.  In other words, there just might be a home here for you! However are you prepared to live in the most scared and Holy place in the World?

Just have a look at yourself and ask. "Could I make this Holy place my home? Is this where my Neshama belongs? Wherever you are, you will be only a short walk from the Kotel. 



There are some excellent shops and places to eat.


Excellent places of learning are also found in the Old City.









In Israel, the Old City's Jewish quarter in Hebrew is called HaRova HaY'hudi הָרוֹבַע הַיהוּדי by many it just is referred to by the name Rova. The Old City is the place most desired for celebrating the Chagim of HaShem.



      From the wall one can see our beloved people roam about the old city's perimeter.



Its time to leave to Old City and see more of Jerusalem

The world famous Mahane Yehuda Shuk (Market)

One thing all Israelis understand is that food here is good. Israel grows almost every type of fruit and vegetable you could ask for. This is the world famous Mahane Yehuda Shuk (Market) on Yafo street in Jerusalem. Buy what is good. Buy a wide range of fruits and vegetables all grown in Israel. Israel may be the only nation in the world self sufficient in food. Also other items can be purchased here.  




                                                                                                                                Jerusalem is more then just the Old City. It is a City of neighborhoods. All of them desirable places to live and fit for new Olim from around the world. Which one will be your neighborhood? 

The map on the left gives you a look at the location of some of the neighborhoods in the Holy City. The map on the right gives you one more look at the location of the Old City in relation to the so called East and West parts of Holy Jerusalem.




Har Choma

Under much controversy Har Choma was established and in 2002 people began to move in. It is locally known as Chomat Shmuel and today has a population pushing close to 20,000 good Jewish souls. Today it is one of  the fastest growing Jerusalem communities.

  The new neighborhood is located east of Gilo in the south of the Holy city. From Har Choma you have a great view of of the Holy city. You have lots of amenities. If you want to go out and grab a pizza or falafel you can. How about a stroll to the supermarket. Because it is so new it is put together immaculately and people move in as fast as the new buildings go up. The community has playgrounds and green space.


 The Bus service is excellent. About 10%  of Har Choma are English speakers and about 65% can be considered religious. This remote Jewish Jerusalem district which is away from the hustle and bustle and just might be what you are looking for.



We are learning today that Har Choma is a place of good Jewish life


Ramat Shlomo

Ramat Shlomo is a beautiful well developed district on the north side of Jerusalem. Although some want to call it east Jerusalem, indeed it is north. It is a community of close to 20,000 good Jewish souls. Most of them are ultra orthodox. Because they are blessed with  a large population growth they are in continuous need of more housing units to be built.





Ramot can be considered one of the most scenic and convenient locations in Holy Jerusalem. It is located in the north west and this neighborhood has about 60,000 souls. Call it a town within a city.

It is located next to highway 443 which can take you into Tel-Aviv. You also are just over 10 minutes to the center of Jerusalem on one of the 5 bus lines passing through the neighborhood. 

There is a large English speaking community here making up about 25% of the local population.




The area is about 30% religious and one can enjoy the best of western style living. Here is a shopping center, community center, swimming and a health center. Youth groups such as Ezra and B'nei Akiva. The religious back grounds fill the whole spectrum from Chasidic to conservative.



Want some advice? Come up to the heights of  Ramat to see a possible future home. You may find one of the nice modern homes nestled in the wooded area of Ramot.


Ramot is a safe isolated district of the Holy city. Come and enjoy a western suburban life inside the Holy city. Come to Shul or take the kids to the park in the woods. Stroll along the wooded pathways and enjoy life.



When are you coming up to Ramot?



                                                                                                                                      Gilo  sits on the highest hill with a population of about 40,000 but maintains a small neighborhood spirit. There is a small English population here. About 30% of Gilo is religious. There is no trouble finding a synagogue because there is over 40 of them. It is located at the south end of the City just north of Bet Lechem.


Gilo has almost all you need. Schools for children of all ages, banks and a full range of medical services. There are places to shop but best of all is the nice breeze, the clean air the the view from the high elevation. There is a swimming pool, a music conservatory, Bnei Akiva youth group and a library that has some English books.









Gilo is just a good Jewish place to live. There is also an excellent park in Gilo



Ramat Sharet

Jerusalem is becoming known for its modern infrastructure. This is very evident in the Ramat Sharet neighborhood. 




Have you ever been to Malcha  located in south western Jerusalem? Some will call this place the jewel in the crown of Jerusalem.

Malcha is an example of Jewish progress in a modern world. It is a first choice destination for many Jews. It has an advanced Technology park and Jerusalem's Best Shopping mall.


 Its a nice Jewish place to live!!


Look at the photos below and see for yourself. The first photo is of  the 25,000 seat Teddy Kolleck Stadium.


Come a visit the ultra Modern Malcha Mall


Malcha is a great place to live!


Young and old alike will love Malcha. It is home to the Biblical zoo. The visitors center  looks like Noah's Ark. Pass through the grounds of the Zoo by foot or by a light rail train.     


When are you coming to Malcha?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This community was established by dedicated Zionists in 1922. It was to be a sanctuary for the middleclass. After the war of independence they persevered all though surrounded by Jordanians until 1967. Today it is a good Jewish portion in the south east of the Holy City. Today it is filled with modern amenities and is an important part of Jerusalem. Next to the neighborhood is the important Talpiot industrial zone which has become a center for shopping and  other important services. Talpiot today is made up of different districts/

  One Jewel of this area is the Talpiot Pardes institute.

It is a unique co-ed Yeshiva where the study of the Holy books is taken seriously. There are part time courses and full time. Most programs are for out of country students. They say they have three main objectives, one to give students the skills for in depth Jewish learning, also to encourage students to deal with the relevance of ancient text to the modern world and increase the students knowledge of their Jewish heritage.




In this place they introduce the real Israel to the students and create that needed connection that the Jewish soul needs to the Holy land. It is unique in that women and men can study together. It is another way of reaching out to a sector of Jews that may not otherwise receive good quality instruction. Students actually go out on field trips to experience the Land.

Below is the Talpiot industrial zone which is now a major destination for so many things for the people of Jerusalem.



Visit the popular Talpiot shopping malls. Below is the Adar Mall




There is also the Yisrael Mall



There is also a busy night life here



Bayit Vegan


Bayit Vegan has been described as a neighborhood of lovely people. 20% of the community are English speakers but also some French. Almost the whole neighborhood is religious with a variety of shuls to fit a variety of people. There are Yeshivot here and for those who do speak English, they can easily find shiurim in their language. The neighborhood has about 4,000 people and is considered a quiet and scenic place. It is only a 20 minute drive to the Kotel, located just south of Bet Akerem.


Here there is elementary school for children and a high school. There is health and dental services as well as the Bnei Akiva youth group.


Do you want to be part of a nice thing? Well come to Bet Vegan.





Baka is located between the German Colony and Talpiot. It is home to many religious English speaking Olim. About 20% of the neighborhood is English.  Also in Baka one can find a range of people from Ultra orthodox to secular Jews. In Baka one can find most of your basic needs.   From groceries to clothing and from dry cleaning to hairdressers Most of what you need is right here. However because you are in a big city, you are never far away from other amenities. 


The Bus will take you to down town Jerusalem in about 10 minutes. In Baka there are schools. Among them are a boys and a girls high school. There are synagogues.  There are youth groups, a community center and a Library which conducts English story hours a few times a week. And yes, Young couples fall in love, get married and make their home here.


                 Come to Baka and be apart of a nice neighborhood.  ....................................................................................................................


Katamon also known as Old Katamon is an older neighborhood but with beautiful renovated homes. It is considered by some as Jerusalem's most desired location for one to live.

 It is located minutes from Malcha and Talpiot. An important Hebrew Ulpan is located a short walk away for those learning Hebrew. Also within and nearby, is every good amenity one could want, including a park. Even the home of the president is in this special neighborhood.  



                                                                                                                                                                                                 One can find a cross section of Shuls including north American style Anglo modern orthodox such as in the Bet Knesset Harel. Members here are a happy group and enjoy all the Chagim. Below you can see some of the happy members.



Indeed, good Jewish life has returned to Yerushalayim HaKodesh. Katamon is 40% religious and you will find every type of school. In general it has a young population but has something for everyone. Below is a photo of a Chabad Chanukah get-together for neighborhood children. 

Come stroll the streets of Old Katamon and learn more about your capital city and your people.



It was in the 1920's and 30's that Jews began to build a neighborhood while Israel was then under British Authority. It became populated by a mixes of Jews from artists to educators. Golda Meir was among many prominent people who has lived here. It was a type of beginning for the emerging modern Jerusalem. There still remains many old buildings.

The map on the left shows a close look at the location of this district and the map on the right shows its location in Jerusalem. The number one points to it. A little east of the Knesset. The neighborhood is a classic example of the Zionist vision bearing fruit. The photos below will show you what has become of this great place in the heart of Jerusalem.








French Hill


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  French Hill, also known as Givat Saphartit, is a small more remote hill top Jerusalem neighborhood located in the north east of the city near Mount Scopus. Many will say it has the best view. 

The neighborhood is mostly secular although it does have 3 orthodox synagogues and a conservative shul. 





Come up the hill and visit a nice place and while you are here have a look out at the hills to the east. The view is breath taking.


Mea Shearim

The Mea Shearim community was founded in 1874 by 5 Jews from five different countries. It was to be the answer to the over crowed conditions of the Jewish quarter inside the Old City walls. Today it is considered the most strictly orthodox community in the world. They remain immersed in the teachings of Torah, Talmud and traditions of our fathers. 



Here no one watches television out of dedication to G-d. Three bus routes pass through the main Mea Shearim street to take you where ever you need to go. Much of the neighborhood is old and it may seem like a trip back in time, however there are apartments here that are some what more new.


Other places are older but it is happily their home because  they understand they live in the City of G-d. If you are like minded as they, then you may have a place in this all Kosher zone. It is just a few minutes walk to the Kotel.    



Come and meet the good people of Mea Shearim. You may find out you have more in common with them then you think.

Har Nof


                                                                                                                                                                                                                              It would be hard to argue with someone if they made the statement that the Har Nof neighborhood sits on the most beautiful scenic hills of the city. In fact it is on the most mountainous sector of the Holy City. It is located on the western edge of Jerusalem. 

The hole neighborhood is religious with more then a few Charedi and many from other orthodox backgrounds. 

Many North American Olim have settled here. They make up a large portion of the inhabitants. The immaculate neighborhood reflects a modern north American lifestyle.


Har Nof is located next to Ya'ar Yerushalayim. That is the Jerusalem Forest. Trees planted by  Jews who have returned to the Land. 

  If you want fresh air, a modern life, a place that is Kosher and does not practice the usual western values but Jewish Values, then this is your place. Take a drive up the hill and scout out the land.  Indeed it is good!



As mentioned above, Har Nof is located next to the scenic Jerusalem Forest

Take a trip on the Jerusalem forest road yourself. Yes....the Holy City has a forest.


"G-d gave honor to the trees of the Land of Israel just as He gave honor to the Torah"




Givat Shaul

Near the beautiful Har Nof neighborhood is the district of Givat Shaul.


Yemin Moshe

A resent visitor named Sharon to the small Jerusalem neighborhood of Yemin Moshe described it this way, "This is so far one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I have seen in Israel. Absolutely gorgeous !...." This is true. The area was first built up in 1860 by a man  named Moshe  to provide housing to an over crowed Old City. Today it has become a Prestigious neighborhood over looking the western wall of the Old city. 




In this Posh district you can eat at an upscale restaurant that has a view of the old city. 

The windmill was first built by Moshe to be a flour mill but that use was short lived.  Today it overlooks the Hinnon Valley and  on another side it is across from the beautiful Liberty Bell park. See the photos of the park below a little further down.


Go for a short walk toward downtown and you will pass the famous King David Hotel . Below you can see the famous Hotel and also have a look inside.  




Lets go through the front door!

Lets go to the back patio. 

Liberty Bell Park

Without doubt it is one of the most sought after locations of the City. If you have money to spend and want to live in the worlds most important city then come to Yemin Moshe. There might be a place here for you.!


Travel a bit down the road and you will come to some nice apartments.

Pisgat Ze'ev

Pisgat Ze'ev is located in the north part of Jerusalem and north of the French Hill neighborhood . It is possibly the fastest growing district and was founded in the 1990's to  provide affordable housing.


Young families are moving in and today it has about 45,000 people and is still growing. You might call it a town within a city. It is clean and provides a nice atmosphere for the family.


Like any important community they have first rate facilities. One shining light is the The Sci-Tech Elementary School, shown below. About 600 students with an age range of 6-12 years old attend here. It has a strong focus on Science and Technology but also Social studies. They guide them into good personal values, development and encourage individual creative thinking.



The neighborhood has plans and has already established a community center and a music center. In the same area they are preparing to build a Library which will contain up to 45,000 books. A  sports center seniors center and swimming pool will also be part of the whole complex. There is also a high school by this location. 


Come here to have a look. Check out the houses and the neighborhood. There is room for you here and there is a place that will fit your needs.

 Pisgat Ze'ev is waiting for YOU!


The above profiles do not touch on every district of the Holy city but should give you a look into the prosperity that our Beloved Father G-d has given us. The evidence is here, G-d is keeping His covenant and Promise to Avraham avinu and the words He spoke through the Holy prophets.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Now as one enters the Holy City besides the trees and the magnificent retaining walls built from Jerusalem stone on the sides of the hills, a Magnificent bridge has been built over the highway which the cars  pass under. This architectural wonder was built to accommodate the expanding light rail system for the City.

This bridge which looks like a harp is 120 meters long and  costs approximately 135 million shekels. The first line of this light rail system goes from Pisgat Ze'ev to Mount Herzl extending for 14 kilometers and 23 stops. These trains will pass each station every 4 minutes at peak hours. The trains are smaller then average to accommodate the urban environment and carry up to 500 passengers. The light rail system connects to the Central Bus Station shown below. This is just the start of the 3.2 billion shekel project that will put Israel on the leading edge of commuter transportation and ingenuity.

Do not forget that Jerusalem is home to the Knesset.


How good it is to sing praises to our G-d...HaShem is rebuilding Jerusalem, and gathering the dispersed of Israel. Tehillim.147:1,2


ברוך אתה ה' מצמיח קרן ישועה



 "I will save My people from the lands of the east and west; I will bring them back, and they will live in Jerusalem." Z'kharyah.8:8


One of the Glories in Jerusalem is the light of G-d that shines through the many Chessed organizations in the City. One of them is "Yad Ezra VeShulamit."

This organization distributes by the hands of Volunteers over 2,500 food packages a week for needy people all over the country including 1,000 packages in the Holy City. This is the righteous fruit that HaShem likes. They give out good food in each pack. Such as Chicken, fish, fruit, legumes, canned goods, Shabbot Challot and more. They also operate soup kitchens  all over the country.

In a letter the president of Israel said, "I wish to praise you for aid which you are giving to those in need and the sensitivity which you are showing to those in need.

The acts of charity and the assistance is one of the cornerstones of our people and from which the humanness can be found in Judaism.

The acts of charity of your organization in Jerusalem are a ray of light and the basis of a way, where the reward for a good deed is a good deed.

I send you my blessing and expect you to continue these blessed and important actions for all, with gladness in the acts and satisfaction in the action."


Chessed organizations are started by righteous people with righteous thoughts which turn into righteous deeds. These people and those who help them, gather for themselves riches for Olam Haba. Another example of one started in the Holy City is "Yad Sarah"

It is Israel's largest voluntary organization that provides mostly medical necessities and services for those in need of it, such as the elderly, the sick, the disabled and their families. Incredibly today 380,000 Israelis use its services. They have 104 branches and 6,000 volunteers. You might want to call them the Army of HaShem.


They lend medical and rehabilitation equipment on a short term basis without a charge. They have over 250,000 items. Much of this would be normally out of the average persons price range or be a significant financial burden. 


Among  the many other things they do is provide transportation services, daycare for the disabled,  dental for the elderly, and equipment for new mothers and babies. They are financed by donations. 70% comes from inside Israel.  

Jerusalem is a Modern Miracle. In just a few decades it has catapulted itself from a Desert Island into a powerful modern city. Have a look at Yerushalayim HaKodesh and say Baruch HaShem for all the good that G-d has given us. It's.time!.Our G-d is bringing us Home.



Rejoice with Jerusalem! Be glad with Her, all you who Love Her!

Yesha'yahu  66:10


ברוך אתה ה' בונה ברחמין ירושלים 

"I Love you with an eternal Love; therefore I have extended kindness to you. Once again, I will build you; you will be rebuilt, maiden of Israel.... Jeremiah 31:2,3


One of Israel's modern day glories is Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It is located on mount Scopus. Nothing in the Middle East is like it and its out put is some of the brightest most productive people in the world. Have a look at its campus in the photos below.




Hebrew University also has a campus in Givat Ram of Jerusalem and on this site is Jerusalem's Botanical Gardens.


Everything seen above is all in fulfillment of G-d's word. Not one promise has failed and we are only at the beginning of them. And why would G-d do all these things? The Torah Tells us in Devrim.7:8

"...because HaShem Loved You, and because HE wanted to keep the oath which HE had sworn to your ancestors,..."

The proof of G-d's faithfulness is in the shrine of the book. There is kept the discovered manuscripts of the Jewish Torah and Tanach. The Dead Sea Scrolls which  all know were copied in the Days over 2,000 years ago when we were then a nation still in the Land. All the prophetic word regarding us and the expulsion out of our land and our persecution and the  return to the land from over the whole world are written in it. Proof that the Jewish scriptures are correct and were brought forth by the will of G-d. The prophets also tell us that we will never be uprooted from our land again and that G-d will restore to us double for all what we passed through.


When the enemies encamp about us we need not fear because our G-d is near!

"Like birds flying, Hashem Tzva'ot will protect Yerushalayim." Yesha'yahu 31:5


My G-d the Rock of my salvation. Tehillim 89:26

אלי וצור ישועתי


So When are you coming Home?!

הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם  חסדו

“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.” Tehillim (Psalms) 125:1-2

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