Bikat HaYarden  בקעת הירדן 


The Jordan Valley is situated along the Yarden River and has a great view of the Jordanian mountains on one side and the Mountains of Shomron on the other. In between are the forgotten settlers of the Yarden Valley settlement region of the Land of Israel. They are mostly a string of Kibutzim of secular settlers who Love the Land of Israel and engaged in the righteous occupation of Farming the Land. There are also religious settlements. Most of the Bikat HaYarden settlements are  under the authority of the Yarden Valley regional council and it extends from the Yericho area up to the settlement of  Mechola which is south of Bet She'an. Along the scenic roads that connect these Yishuvim, one sees their isolation from the rest of Israel. A Jewish witness to the land thought to himself after passing through the pleasant open land that these settlements are so isolated from the rest of Israel that surely most people on the east side of the nation  barley know of their existence or at least they are in non of their thoughts.




For many the fulfillment of the Zionist dream was living in Israel and working the Land. Indeed it has come true for many of the Jews in the Yarden Valley. Some may even say they have the best life in all Eretz Yisrael.


Gittit גיתית


Gittit is a secular moshav with about 120 souls formed in 1973. The families who live in this oasis of goodness located about 6 kilometers north of the town of Ma'ale Ephraim enjoy a peaceful existence in fresh air. 




Besides date palms the area has green houses, grapes, flowers and vegetables. You can almost feel the nice breeze as you go for an evening walk. A nice quiet wholesome life, a  place for children.

 Come and see the work G-d is doing in cultivating the land of Israel only 10 minutes from the Yarden River.


Hemdat חמדת


Hemdat is a religious community located 30 minutes south of Bet She'an. It was first formed under another name in 1979 but did not last but in 1997 a G-d loving man and his wife came and settled here alone. Today there is a little over 100 souls. Other families joined them. In about 4 years  15 families were living here in caravans. The the housing ministry came and built them 15 homes.  

In their spare time many study Torah enjoy Rosh Chodesh Simchas. It is remote, it is quiet and a safe place to live. 

It is a young Yishuv and they are looking for young couples interested in the challenge of building a community from the roots.






See the fruit G-d has given them.



Kfar Mechola כפר מחולה

Kfar Mechola is a Religious Yishuv with about 327 souls. It was started up in 1968 and is the most northerly settlement in the Yarden Valley regional council district. Just a few kilometers south of Bet.She'an



Shadmot Mechola שדמות מחולה

Shadmot Mechola is a religious agriculture Moshav and is located south east of Mechola just minutes away from it in the north. See above map. The settlement was started in 1978 and today has a little over 500 souls.  It now has a tourism center a college and a Hesder Yeshiva. They are looking to expand. Are you looking for a pleasant green land. See photos below.



The streets are nice and one can find a pleasant religious atmosphere with good people to raise a family



Ma'ale Ephraim מעלה אפרים

Ma'ale Ephraim was formed in 1978 and is a mostly secular settlement located in the midsection of the Yarden Valley region. About 1,500 souls live here. The settlement is an anchor settlement for  other smaller settlements in the area. This means they have a full range of services and amenities to provide for the near by Yishuvim. 

 They have a sports center. In Ma'ale Efrayim one can go swimming, play basketball, work out, Play  tennis and more. 

There are some religious people in Ma'ale Ephraim and they attend the synagogue and have use of a Mikhah. Everyone respects one another, the secular and religious because they have the common value of Loving the Land of Israel. It is good for every Jew that they love the land that G-d is giving us.

 "For HaShem will be your everlasting light, and the days of your mourning shall be ended. Also your people shall be all righteous; They shall inherit the Land Forever..."Yesha'yahu(Isaish)60:20,21


In this Yishuv your child can still get a religious education. The majestic Synagogue of the Yishuv is shown in center photo below.



One citizen of this pleasant place describes Ma'ale Ephraim this way, "...From our mountaintop homes above the central part of the Jordan Valley, we look out over a beautiful panoramic landscape reminiscent of the very genesis of the Jewish nation...." The settlement stands almost 500 meters above the Yarden Valley. Turn your head and see the Sartaba Mountain or look down to the Yarden Valley. Look across and see the mountains on the other side of the Yarden river. Do you know a nicer place to live?

Educating children in Ma'ale Ephraim is serious business. They have great schools for all ages. Many children attend the Yuvalim Junior High school and  High School.


From an excellent library and  computer room, your high school kids will get the best. How about a Biology laboratory, electricity laboratory, gymnasium and sports courts. Look at the photos below to see the High school.



Ma'ale Ephraim is just a good Israeli Jewish town. When will you come to have a look?


Mevo'ot Yericho מבואות יריחו

Mevo'ot Yericho was established in 1999. One family and 5 single men were granted permission to establish a community next to Yericho. Thus reestablishing a Yericho Jewish presence that has not existed for a 1,000 years. Today there is 65 souls and about 20 families with more preparing to come. In fact there might not be a more delightful quiet place to settle down then in Mevo'ot Yericho. It is within driving distance for work to Holy Jerusalem. 

These people believe in the Holy covenant G-d made with Avraham avinu and are dedicated to the cause of establishing a Yericho Jewish presence. Thus the name of the Yishuv means Gates of Jericho. People here come from a variety of backgrounds that include people from Belgium, Germany, Russia, Iran, and New York. 


 Mevo'ot Yericho is proof that the Holy Blessed One is in the midst of Israel. 

They now have themselves a small synagogue and are working at turning this settlement into an agricultural community in order to make themselves financially independent. Already they are growing lemons and Ethiopian lettuce. They need your help for their Holy endeavor. They want to plant Date palms which will help to establish town boundaries. 


At least 2 times a year they have a large Shabbaton or festival to educate people on the Jericho area. They appreciate  your help and donations to  make the settlement turn into a thriving town.

A former Sephardic chief rabbi of Israel said regarding this place, "...Renewed farming in Jewish Jericho will help redeem our land and provide employment as Jewish residents return to the Plains of Jericho."


Come out and see for yourself. Maybe this will be your next home.


Gilgal גלגל

Gilgal is a secular farming Kibbutz established in 1970 and has about 162 people. Among other things it has a grass nursery,,  a modern printing factory, dairy cows and turkeys. The name comes from the place where Joshua first entered the promised Land.


 As it is written, "The people came up out of the Yarden on the tenth day of the first month and camped at Gilgal." Jos.4:19



Hamra חמרה

Hamra is a secular Moshav established in 1971 and was the first settlement overlooking the Yarden Valley. Today it has about 131 people. More photo on this spectacular Yishuv are to come.

Yitav יית''ב


Yitav was originally established in 1970. Today it is settled by about 131 Jews from Former Soviet union nations.

Patza'el פצאל

Patza'el is a secular settlement established in 1975. Today it has about 213 people. The people here live off agriculture and also have a crocodile farm which attracts tourist.




Beka'ot is a first class farming Moshav. They bring blessing to all Israel with the produce of the Land they bring forth. All on flat land which our father Abraham walked on as he enter the holy land on his way toward Elon Moreh.

In one photo below you can see some friendly workers from Thailand who work in many settlements and throughout the Land of Israel.




Yafit is located on the west side of highway 90 just north of the road that leads to Ma'ale Efraim.


Visit the nearby crocodile farm or enjoy the serene location.



Vered Yericho   


   This small moshav settlement community of a little more than 50 families sits on the south side of Jericho on an important spot on a high ridge overlooking that city. Every day they can gaze down on the city of Jericho and keep watch. 

Many hope one day Jewish life will be restored there. Every day in Jericho they look up and see this settlement with palm trees, willows and beautiful vegetation, along with fine looking homes. 


First formed in 1980 they now are seeking to grow.   At present they have a swimming pool and health clinic. Also pre-school services, as well as what they call an informal youth education system.


   Some of the agricultural products they produce are dates, vineyards, figs and vegetables. They have people involved in other professions and also have businesses that cater to tourists. This includes bed and breakfasts and restaurants. What a wonderful place just 20 minutes from Holy Jerusalem. They enjoy the peace of the countryside with fresh air, stars at night and a hill top view.


You have now seen a bit of the good land of the Jorden Valley region. The land is good fertile and pleasant. Will you join these modern day Joshua's and cross over the Jordan and take possession of the good Land that G-d has give you?


So When Are You Coming Home?!

“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.”   Tehillim (Psalms) 125:1-2,

  הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

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