Shomron שומרון


"And you son of man, prophesy to the mountains of Israel and say,...I will multiply men upon you, all the house of Israel, all of it; and the cities shall be inhabited and the ruins rebuilt....I will make you inhabited as in former times, and do better for you than at your beginning...." Yechezk'el 36:1,9,10.11

As you continue on you will see the proof that our G-d is fulfilling His word. You will see profiles on some of the Jewish towns of Shomron and how Jewish life has flourished here on Land vacant of Jews for 2,000 years. The Shomron region covers about 3,000 Sq Kilometers and is located in the heart of ancient Biblical Israel. The small black and blue dots on the map which extend from Ariel going north and west of Mechora are all  Jewish Towns and classified as in the Shomron settlement region. Many are under the Shomron Regional council and 7 others because of growth have been declared independent of it. The Shomron regional council at this time has authority over 34 towns.






Mevo Dotan  מבוא  דותן 

Mevo Dotan is located a few kilometers east of the Hermesh settlement in the north of the Shomron. It was founded on another location in 1977 but moved to this hill top in 1981. They have a population of about 400.


There is a beautiful road that ascends to the top where this pleasant Yishuv is located. It is believed that it was in this area that Joseph was sold by his brothers and was taken down into Egypt. 

When you reach the top, you will find a small but excellent Jewish community with good people.




When Moses was giving his final blessing to the tribes of the Children of Israel, he said to the tribe of Joseph,

"Blessed by Hashem is his Land."

Today you are looking at the Land of Joseph.



Karnei Shomron     קרני שומרון 

Karnei Shomron is a modern community which sits in the central part of the Shomron region, North of Ariel and  about 12 kilometers east of Kfar Saba. It is spread across three mountain tops in a scenic landscape. It is not far from the new Trans Israel Highway. About 6,500 Jews live here with about 50% religious. The temperature is not as hot as Tel Aviv but warmer the Jerusalem. There are 9 synagogues and 3 Mikvot.


Here you will find Jews from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds. Israelis and Olim. However everyone is family because they all belong to Avraham. It is made up of several communities including one called, Neva Aliza which contains about 200 religious English speaking families mostly from United States and Canada. People in Karnei Shomron live a full modern life with activities for the family and their children.

There are numerous schools In Karnei Shomron for children from the smallest age up through high school. If you want to go to the big city, Tel Aviv is only 40 kilometers away however you will find most basic amenities right here. There are Medical services, a shopping center, post office, bank, day care, restaurants and so on. And lots of Children! Life here, is beautiful!

                                                                                                                                                             Other things in the town are, Libraries, indoor and out door basketball courts, indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a health club as well as senior and youth activities and organizations. Also there is the Nahal Kana nature reserve and hiking.


Karnei Shomron is a caring town. They have the Karnei Shomron Foundation, which looks after the needs of Senior citizens and supports many critical town projects and services such as a senior Citizens center and the emergency services among many other things to make life good in the town for everyone.


Here you will find a Hesder Yeshiva which combines Torah study with military training to turn your boys into brave, G-d serving young men.


 In near by Aloni Shilo your young women can pursue advanced Jewish studies at Midreshet Shilat. Above is inside the Hesder Yeshiva. Only a few of the good things of Karnei Shomron have been mentioned however the people here have a message for you, “…. We invite you to be part of Israel's future, and help build a beautiful community in the very heart of our Eretz Israel. 


Kfar Tapuach  כפר  תפוח

Kfar Tapuach was formed in 1978 and today has about 700 good Jewish souls. It sits among some of the most beautiful land and is located next to a major west bank cross roads  south of Sh'khem.


It is a community of Jewish diversity with Jews living here from all over the world. Such as Yemen, south America, North America and Russia.

The Land around this community is beautiful and the air is fresh. Everyone has a view.

However the biggest asset the community has is their abundance of children. They little one are everywhere and they have had to build a very special playground to occupy their many children.




Einav עינב


About 450 people live in this quiet settlement nestled in the hills of the northern half of Shomron. It is a religious community. 



About 25 % are English Speaking. There is room to grow and would welcome more to join their friendly community. 

The five Einav photos below and the Flag photo above are by Vica Shach




The town is about a half hours drive to beautiful Netanya. Or you can take the bus. The children go to school in nearby towns with the transportation provide for the 10 minute drive. Ashkenazi, Sefaradi and Yemenite synagogues are located in town to provide everyone’s traditional way of honoring G-d.


                                                                                                                                               Einav has an absorption center which helps integrate people into the town. The town has a grocery store and a social room and public computer room. There is a library and yes they like to celebrate the Torah festivals. They welcome you to make your first home in Israel in their community. You will be received and helped as special newcomers. You will not be alone since the community has Olim from around the world. Your children will appreciate the tranquility of a pleasant community in the beautiful hills of Eretz Yisrael.







Elon Moreh אלון מורה

“Avram passed through the Land to the  place called Sh'khem, to Elon Moreh. The Kena’ani were then in the land. HaShem appeared to Avram and said, ‘To your descendants I will give this Land.’” B'resheet.12:6,7


                                                                                                                                                                                       If one community could represent the pioneering Jewish spirit for all those who love the Land of Israel it may be the people of Elon Moreh. They know what they stand for, and stand for what they know. Striving diligently to carve out a place where G-d first appeared to Avraham in the Land. This oasis of Holiness will be known to future generations because of them. At this time 1,200 people live in this G-d fearing town next to Sh’khem. On the map it is the one with the Largest Star in the Heart of Shomron. 



On Shabbot of Parsha Lech Lecha they host Jews from all over who come here recognizing that in this location G-d spoke a promise to Avraham avinu which He is fulfilling before our eyes today. This community seeks to be an anchor community for near by settlements and has recently dedicated a new Library which is part of a great new cultural center they are building. 


    This Library serves the near by Yishuvim of Itamar, Yitzhar, and Har Bracha. The Library also serves as the grammar school. The cultural center was designed to have a post office, shops, and a communal meeting area. Also an infirmary and offices.

The Nahalat Zvi Grammar School for girls. Serves the same Yishuvim as the Library. It is a religious school with funding from the government and teaches children up to grade eight. Would not your  young ones be delighted to learn in such an atmosphere located in the hills of Shomron.



And for the boys there is the Nahalat Tzvi Torah Talmud school. Like the girls school the boys are taught well, endowed with Chachma, Binah, v'Da'at. Prepared to take on the challenges of life and are taught about our One and only  G-d.........................................................................................




Elon Moreh also has a Yeshiva called Birkat Yosef. The community has laid the foundations for the future. If you come to visit go to Machon Helkat Hasadeh. Stay there and maybe you would like to go on a tour of the land. Maybe Elon Moreh is a place you would consider for home? 


The community is determined to make Elon Moreh work. They would like you to help them in the work of G-d which is building the Land of Israel. Few Mitzvot are this great. Time is short. There are elements at work that would like to take away all of our gains.


The people of Elon Moreh have a message to all Jews, "We would like Jews everywhere to consider Elon Moreh their home in Israel."


Yitzhar יצהר

 Yitzhar was establish in 1984 and has about 450 people. It is located near Sh'khem with five hills round this Holy Yishuv. The map on the side shows the location of Yitzhar and the location of other near by Yishuvim including Bracha just to the north near Har Gerizim. Har Eval is on the same side of the road but north and opposite Alon Moreh. Sh'khem  is located approximately between the two  mountains extending to the west. The people here have unjustly received bad reports by those who  cannot understand their dedication to the Land of Israel. Like a lioness protecting her little ones so they have done so for the hills of Yitzhar. 




The words of a soldier station by Yitzhar gave a good report of the people of Yitzhar which counters the false reports. He said they were, “warm” and treated the reservists with the utmost respect." Just one look at the community and you will see that real Jews live there and not only live there but some, as in some other Yishuvim, have sacrificed it all for the Love of the Land and the Sanctification of G-d's Name. When Ya'akov avinu blessed Yosef he gave him the blessing of breast and womb. They received it.   The 3 photos below  and the last photo are by Menachem Brody.


The people of Yitzhar are watching out for the Land of Israel! 



Children of Avraham, When are you coming to visit the people of Yitzhar?



Itamar איתמר


 Itamar  stands as a pillar among settlements because of their die hard faith and courage in standing up for the Land of Israel in the face of those who hate them. Clinging to the Land of Yosef HaTzadik. The place where Yehoshua buried the bones of Yosef can be seen from here at a lookout point. Itamar is on a hill surrounded by higher hills. In this Guv HaHar Region stands the Holy Mountains of Har Gerizim and Har Eval the very mountains mentioned in the Torah. HaShem tells Moshe rabbeinu, "Now it shall be, when HaShem Your G-d has brought you into the Land which you go to possess, that you shall put the blessing on Har Gerizim and the curse on Har Eval" Below on the left is Har Grizim and on the right Har Eval.



The people here understand they are on a mission from G-d to resettle the Land. About 500 of them live here and some have sacrifice their lives for the sanctification of G-d's name and the love of the Land. Jews everywhere owe them respect, however the time has come to take part in the mission they have started here by coming to live or by supporting them here in the glorious hills of Israel. Imagine living every day in a community where everyone are friends looking out for one another in a post card setting. The Yishuv is beautiful and life is good. 


There is the Hitzim Yeshiva high school and a Torah Talmud school for boys where one can find 10 year boys who have memorized the Torah. Also here is found the Be'er Miriam Girls School. There is a grocery store and play areas for children. Being part of a community like this, is like joining a family.




In Itamar you will find people engaged in Organic agriculture. Many things are grown in Hot houses. Some of the food grown in Itamar are Tomatoes, Strawberries, Pumpkins,  among many other foods. They produce Olive Oil, Wheat Four, Goats cheese, yogurt and eggs. An honest wholesome life. Watch for Deer roaming  the hills.







Come up to the hill country and perform the Mitzvah of settling the Land of Israel. Maybe you will consider Itamar. The only way the settlement regions can hold on to the Land is in the numbers of those who want to settle the Land.


An extension of this special community is located on a near by hilltop and it is called Givat Olam. Here you may feel you are on top of the world. However the Jewel of this place is the organic farm where they produce goats yogurt, cheese and milk.


Kedumim  קדומים

Kedumim stands out as a pillar among settlements. It was among the first settlements in the Shomron region and has been blessed with 5,000 good souls in 12 modern neighborhoods spread across several hill tops located on the high holy hills over looking the coastal plain. The view is tremendous. 


It is located 5 kilometers west of Sh'khem. From here buses will take you out and with connections you can go anywhere in the country


It is a good community with multiple daycare and preschool facilities, 2 elementary schools, 2 high schools for girls and 2 high schools for boys. The Lehava high school for girls won the Education Ministry's prize for Excellence.


If you like green then come visit a beautiful community and say Ba'ruch HaShem!


Har Bracha


Har Bracha is another strikingly beautiful Yishuv which has the distinction of being the settlement most close to Sh'khem. It is just south of the city and is next to Har Grizim. It is a high hill top oasis of goodness and a treasure to Israel. 

There is also good Jewish life  flourishing at an outpost of Har Bracha as seen in the photos below.



Shavei Shomron   שבי  שןמרון 

Another fine Jewish community of over 700 good souls is Shavei Shomron. It sits a little north west of Sh'khem.

Shavei Shomron has an Ulpan school for new Olim to learn Hebrew. 



Here is also a synagogue and a local store to by food


Some other nice Shomron communities can be seen below.








Alfei Menashe
















The view from Hermesh




Tel Menashe


This small cross section of Shomron is to show you what a great land our G-d has given us.  The Jewish settlements communities in Judea and Samaria are like islands of goodness in a dark world.  Each community is a  Oasis of goodness, sanctified and separated apart from the rest. Who are the ones that could say that these communities are not wholesome and good. Also the Land is very very good. It is a desirable place for a person to live.




So when are you coming home?!


“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.” Tehillim  125:1-2


הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם  חסדו

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