Modi'in מודיעין

Modern Modi’in has been  built by the site of ancient Modi'in where the Hasmonean family lived and which became the starting place of the Maccabean revolt against the ancient Greeks. Today modern Modi'in is a symbol of Jewish strength and expert city planning.

It is located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem with a population of about 75,000 good Jewish souls. 





This city offers an exceptional quality of life. Thus young people have been flocking here since its inception.  They see it as a place to raise a family.  


Some of Israel’s best architecture is being built and planned for this city of the Modern age.




In Modi’in children’s education is a top priority. Thus they put 45 percent of the cities budget into it. There are over 15,000 kids in school in this city. Besides the dozens of Kindergartens for small children, there are 14 primary schools and three of them are religious. There are 5 high schools a Yeshiva for boys and a religious high school for girls and all kinds of after school programs.


People’s health is not forgotten in Modi’in, which has at lest 4 health care organizations operating in the city as well as pharmacies, dentists and Ambulance services. The ministry of Health has big plans here in Modi’in. That is to build a 900 bed Hospital along with 4 emergency medical clinics in conjunction with Hadassah. Also a pre-natal clinic is planned for women. Modi’in also provides personal care for its senior citizens in their own home. Pictured Below on left is the Center for Family Health and on the right a shopping mall.



About 25 percent of this Jewish city is  religious and 75 percent secular. Modi'in is proof that G-d is blessing the rebuilding of His ancient nation. 


The city is a joy because the children are happy. They love their schools and there is a variety of activities for your vibrant offspring.



Modi’in is flourishing. A central business area is being created in the heart of the city. Here one will find a library, a college, and a main synagogue. Parkland and municipal buildings are part of the project as well as an open plaza. 

A modern Train Station has been completed which provides service from Tel Aviv to Modi'in via Ben Gurion Airport. The rail line is being built to connect  to Jerusalem.

Modi’in is being well planned. To make it one of the worlds most modern cities. Indeed, Modern Israel is the only nation in the history of the world that has given birth and grown up in a modern technological  age. Therefore they have the advantage of all the modern know how and ingenuity. 

Urban development has not forgotten the little children. Everywhere they provide for the little ones. Modi’in has a center to provide services for parent with babies and small children. It is called the child and parent enrichment center. Here you can also find playgrounds, day care, a child activity area, a psychologist and a parent’s school.



The business park that is being created will have modern buildings on well over one million square meters of land. A projected work force here of 30,000 people. Yes, work and live in the same city. It can be done in Israel.  

Modi’in does have culture, with a variety of activities through out the year. Such as a Purim parade, and other Jewish festival events. Scouts and Bnei Akiva activities. Activities just for women. There is theatre, films, concerts; two sports centers, soccer, basketball, baseball, gymnastics and modern dance. How about ballet, folk dance, karate or swimming. There are local synagogues and Mikvot in the city. They are all cultural, just as the Hassidic musical shows  which you can find in the city. What ever you like it is here for you and not all of it has been said. This year was the first ever Modi'in Simcha Torah celebrations for women. Indeed Modi’in is a modern symbol of Israel’s strength. Jewish strength.



The city planners have created a city that fits in with the landscape. The provision of lots of green space provides a calm beauty to the surroundings. If you like green space then here is your place. The city has planned for 50 percent of the land for green space.    


What more can be said about this Jewel in the heart of  Israel. 



So When Are You Coming Home?!   

“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.” Psalm 125:1-2

  הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו

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