Haifa  חיפה

You are now looking at the beautiful city of Haifa. It is the third largest city in Israel and has a population over 260,000.  90% of which are Jewish.

 Haifa is also a sea port.  22 million tons of goods passed through here every year and it employs 1,000 workers. It is Israelis largest port and it also accommodates passenger traffic including luxury ocean liners.


Haifa is located 56 miles (90)kilometers) north of Tel Aviv. From the sea the city ascends up to the top of Mount Carmel which is the place that Elijah the prophet had his famous encounter with the prophets of Baal. From the slopes of Carmel flows down the Kishon River that has kept its name since biblical times.



Below is a photo of Haifa ascending up Carmel.






The city of Haifa is served by an airport that for the most part provides service to Tel Aviv and Eilat. However it does provide external flights to a few near by destinations. The airport is seen in the right and left photos.



Many in Haifa enjoy the excellent beach front. Living in Haifa means you are never far from a place that everyone enjoys. The beach has always been a popular destination for the young people. See below!


Did you know that Haifa as a subway station? It does and one can use it for each of its 6 stops. It may be short but it is Israel's only Subway. When in Haifa visit a football game and cheer on the home team at Kiryat Eliezer Stadium.

It is written in the book of Joshua chapter 19 that the boarder of the tribe of Asher reached to Carmel. As we know Carmel is part of Haifa. Now in the Torah Moses spoke his last words to the 12 tribes and of Asher he said, "The most blessed of children; he shall be pleasing to his brothers, and dip his feet in oil."

It is no coincidence that today one can find oil in Haifa, the territory of Asher. The Haifa Oil refinery processes 66 million barrels of oil a year. Also in the vicinity there are other businesses which make products from petroleum. The refinery is seen in photo below.


While in Haifa you may notice certain building which stand out among others. One is The Sail Tower seen on the left. It is used for district government offices. 

The other is the IEC tower seen on the right. It is home to the Israel Electric company.






There are many Jewels in the crown of Haifa. One of the biggest is the Technion.

Scientists and engineers who have graduated from the Technion can be found all over Israel. Only Silicon Valley in America has a greater concentration of high tech companies then Israel and per capita Israel produces significantly more scientists and engineers then any nation on earth.

 In their mission statement you will find they say,

“….The university offers degrees in science and engineering, and related fields such as architecture, medicine, industrial management and education in an intellectually invigorating environment. Great emphasis is also placed on its humanities and social science programs, the incorporation of which take on ever-increasing importance in today’s multi-faceted workplace...."


They also say,

"...Technion’s goals go beyond providing a well-rounded technical education. At the institute, scientific instruction is interwoven with professional ethics, producing leaders sensitive to social and environmental issues…As a whole, the Technion is committed to its role as the country’s top facility for science and technology, a role that is necessary for the future of Israel and to all of humanity.”


Another Jewel in the crown is the University of Haifa.

The University will tell you that,

"The University considers the link-up between academic excellence and social responsibility as its flagship, and service to the community as one of its important goals"

They will also tell you that, 

"Some 16,500 students are studying toward a degree (B.A., M.A., or Ph.D.) in 2005/06. The University offers six Faculties: Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and Science Education, Law, Social Welfare and Health Studies, and Education. And five Schools: Business Administration, Social Work, History, Public Health, and Political Sciences."

The University of Haifa! 

Just another Jewel in Haifa's crown.




There is much research conducted on campus in a wide field of academic endeavors. The universities Social Involvement unit helps many students continue their studies despite economic difficulties. The schools library contains over two million items and recently a new Arts Center building was erected for the study of arts.

There is some much to tell you about Haifa! 

The nation of Israel stands on the leading edge of medical advancement. In the photo below is The Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center. 

One of the many advanced medical services found here is by the company MGVS. The company was started by Dr. Moshe Flugelman and Dr. Basil Lewis. MGVS stands for Multi Gene Vascular Systems. They will tell you their mission is to develop therapeutic products that address heart and blood vessel disorders. They treat patients who cannot receive adequate treatment under the current therapeutic modalities.


Here in the beautiful city of Haifa a good man named Dr. Jeremiah Lubasch had a thought and in 1990 started to create a non profit Chessed (Kindness) organization to help children with learning disabilities, special needs and children who are trauma victims suffering from anxiety do to such things as the recent Lebanon war. 


Today at least 3,000 families have benefited from The Haifa Center for Chi.L.D. The Center provides some unique and creative therapies that are proven methods to help children. They will tell you,

"We believe in early diagnosis and intervention using a holistic approach to the total child and his/her family environment."


They even provide family counseling. One good mother named Karen who had a child in need said, “The therapy was incredible. Our Yonit is back to her former self…”  The work is helped by many good souls who volunteer their time. 

The Haifa Center for Chi.L.D. provides Physiotherapy, Art Therapy, Pet Therapy, Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Speech Therapy, Learning Readiness, Occupational Therapy, Snoezelen Room Therapy and Dance and Movement Therapy.


   Visit them at www.haifacenter.org. Maybe you can help them in this important Holy work.


Below is a photo of the Rambam Health Care Campus. 


They introduce themselves by saying,

Rambam Healthcare Campus is Northern Israel’s foremost and largest hospital, and both the landmark and standard of quality for healthcare in the region. Rambam is a referral center for eleven hospitals in the region and serves over two million citizens of Northern Israel, a population unique in its religious, cultural and socio-economic diversity. With 1000 beds, departments in every medical specialty, and a highly distinguished professional staff, Rambam delivers the full spectrum of healthcare



At the Rambam Health Care Campus one can fine some of the worlds best doctors providing world class health care. The Hospital even provides health Care for international guests who come here to receive expert medicine on advanced medical systems. The hospital has over 1,000 beds, 45 medical units, 9 institutes, 6 laboratories and 30 administrative and maintenance departments. 75,000 are hospitalized and receive excellent treatment here each year year.


There are many Museums in Haifa. One of the most popular is the National Museum of Science, Technology, and Space. It is seen in the photo below. It receives about 150,000 visitors per year.

As you have learned today, Haifa is another excellent community for a Jew to live. Come have a stroll along the promenade of Haifa. It may change your life.

So When Are you Coming Home?!


“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.”   Tehillim.125:1-2,

  הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו



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