Binyamin בנימין

"G-d said to Avram, "Go forth from your homeland, from your relatives, from your father's house, to the land that I will show you. And I will make of you a great nation... I will bless those that bless you, and him who curses you I will curse; and all of the families of the earth shall bless themselves through you."

Above is a photo of the community of Dolev in the Binyamin region



 The modern region of Binyamin extends just south of Ariel, to just North of Holy Jerusalem,  including  Ma'ale Adumim. Eastward to Mitzpe Yericho and westward to Modi'in Illit. There are almost 40 Jewish communities in the Modern day Binyamin region. Most are under the authority of the Binyamin Regional Council.


 Below are profiles and Photos on a few of the towns of the Binyamin region.



Shilo שילה

Below you will be looking at some of the  Holiest Land in the world. 

Shilo is not just an Israeli Yishuv, this Jewish community is located by the spot of ancient Shilo which was the capital of Israel for 369 years. It was here Joshua set up the Holy Mishkan (Tabernacle) of our G-d. The Holy Blessed one made it His resting place  until the death of Eli the Cohen HaGadol. There is even a building in Shilo built to look similar to the Mishkan.


Founded in 1979 and located in the Northern Binyamin region, over 2,000 souls live here. In Shilo  righteous Hanna prayed for a son and G-d answered her prayer. She gave birth to Samuel the prophet and when he was weaned the Tanach says she, "...brought him to the House of HaShem in Shilo even though he was just a child." 1Sh'mu'el.1:24

In modern Shilo about 20 % of the people speak English and come from backgrounds all over the world. There are Synagogues here reflecting this diversity however there is a bond between them all. They have become an example to the Jews of the whole world in what it means to settle in Eretz Yisrael. Here are Olim from North America, Russia, Europe, Africa and South America. There are Mikvot for men and women and the people live a modern life. This is a religious place where the people are dedicated to the righteous act of settling the Land of Israel. And because of this righteous act they get to live in the scenic and tranquil hill country of Israel. It is just a 30 minute drive north of Jerusalem. It is high on a hill top and snow is not uncommon in the winter.



   Shilo has all the important amenities such as health care clinics, dentist, Library,  grocery store, a clothing store and ambulance service in the settlement. There is a sports center where people play   tennis, handball, basketball, and soccer. There is a swimming pool were they alternate times of use between men and women. There is regular bus service to the near by big cities and many in Shilo also make the short drive out of the Yishuv for work but return to paradise afterwards.  Shilo has guards on the look out to provide good security.






   Shilo has many daycare facilities. There are many educational institutions where many local residence find work. Many from near by settlements come here for school. There is a Hesder Yeshiva with about 200 students and a new Yeshiva which has being finished called Bnei Bina. There is a primary school called Ohel Shilo with 700 students. After school there is the Talmud Torah program for boys and Rachela for girls.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      If you like fruit then Shilo is your place. Here nectarines, peaches cherries and grapes are grown. Also fine wine is made here for sale. The Hashiloni winery make 1,000 bottles of Cabarnet and Merlo wine a year. There are organically raised chickens which produce good quality eggs. The land is good and there is space for those who want to come and grow things. How about You! Have you thought about coming to live in this Holy place?




In Shilo they have a grocery store where the good souls come to shop. Come have a look.




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      One of the brightest lights shining out of Shilo since the presence of G-d in the Mishkan is the Chessed organization called the Shilo Israel Children's Fund. They say, "Its purpose is to reach out to the world with an authentic Jewish voice, in defense of the children in the historic heartland of Y'hudah and Shomron." They welcome all kinds of Support. They reach out first and for most to children that have suffered from terror and then others. They build playgrounds, Biblical parks and gardens, Post-Trauma Treatment programs, Toys for Kindergartens and Nurseries, Summer camp for children in traumatizes communities, direct aid to orphans and widows as well as many other things that will help the children in great need. What a great work! The photos below show some of their work.



It is time to seek out a resting place for your descendants. If not here then where?


The entire community of the people of Israel assembled themselves together at Shilo....Joshua said to the people of Israel, "How long will you delay going in to take possession of the Land HaShem the G-d of your ancestors has given you?" Y'hoshua.18:1, 3


Beit El  בית אל 

 “Now Abram was very laden with livestock, silver, and gold. He proceeded on his journeys from the south to Beit El to the place where his tent had been at first, between Beit El and Ai, to the site of the altar which he had erected there at first; and Abram invoked HaShem by Name.” B’resheet.13:2, 3, 4


It was in 1977 that a few students of the Mercaz Harav Yeshiva in Jerusalem got together and established a tiny community with a Yeshiva on the top of a hill. Today Beit El is a town of close to 5,000 souls. They are  religious and about 30% are English Olim.


Today G-ds word goes out from here to the children of Jacob around the world. It is through the Gem of this town, which is Arutz Sheva's via  internet  radio. They are a platform for G-d's word to be spoken as well as news and information to the Jewish world. It may be in text or radio format but Beit El is known in far away places because of them and they have become a unifying force for Jews in the world as they are the primary source of true information from Israel. 

Indeed this is a Holy place as a Jewish witness to the Land of Israel concluded while one day in a heavy rain storm He traveled north on the Dead Sea highway. Dodging falling rocks and flooding water he reached Highway one traveling east in the direction of Jerusalem. Suddenly he noticed a whole in the clouds the shone light directly over the Holy city. G-d giving witness that this is indeed His place. Looking northward he saw the cloud have another opening to the north. Taking the road north and passing through the beautiful hills of Binyamin and passing in and out of near by settlements on a gloomy day he still notice this clearing in the clouds and the light coming down. As he followed the light he finally reached the place where it was shining. It was Beit El. G-d giving another confirmation that this is a Holy Place.

Beit El has first rate learning institutions for all ages, a Top rate Yeshiva where students come from all over to attend. Also a ulpana high school for girls. All the amenities one could ask for are here but if you want more, Jerusalem is 20 minutes away. It is a safe city with the best security. The children are brought up well here and the houses are nice.

Below are photos of the Chief Rabbinate Executive Council who visited Beit El on a certain day. They support all the Jewish people who settle  the region for their actions of living on the hills of G-d. Here they spoke to residents and visited educational institutions. After they went on to Ofra.



In Beit El, Torah is crowned King. People are wise and are always learning setting an example to all others. In Beit El some of the best Tefillin are made.  

Almost half the community is children so they are focused on providing activities for them. Youth groups, sports and more. Tennis, basketball, swimming are a few for the local activities. There is plenty of day care for the very little ones. Buses run every hour to Jerusalem. In Beit El you can buy your groceries, produce, meat and hardware items. Go to a restaurant and Yes there is a bank machine. It is home to many prominent Rabbis. In Beit El there is also a place for seniors.


Come to visit Beit El. It might change your life. 


Kafar Adumim


Anatot (Almon)


Nofei Prat

Matityahu מתתיהו

"And I will multiply the fruit of your trees and the increase of your fields, so that you need never again bear the reproach of famine among the nations." Eziekiel.36:30

Matityahu is a flourishing religious Moshav started in 1981and is an example to Jews everywhere on what it means to work the land and bear fruit. About 1,400 souls live here and 80% are English speaking Olim. English is the predominant language used in the community and during shiurim. The Moshav is located in the Judean foot hills in the western edge of the Binyamin region.


In Matityahu the people  enjoy the luxury of a quite peaceful existence in a warm community and at the same time being literally minutes away from bigger towns and about 30 minutes away to either Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. The people are western minded and enjoy life in a country setting.


In the Matityahu  Moshav they grow things and especially grapes. By doing this G-d is glorified and His named sanctified because they fulfill His word in which He said that the crops of the field would increase. And not only that, they do the same by returning to the land as the prophets once prophesied. By doing so the prophetic word of G-d is made true before the whole world and G-d is Glorified.


This community has one Shul and one Rav originally from Cleveland Ohio. His Halachic rulings are accepted by all as the final say on the matter. Some members are involved in full time study in Kollel and the Rav is the Rosh of a Yeshiva in the Moshav as well as a Rosh Yeshiva in nearby Chashmona'im among other important duties he does. Every one here takes learning seriously and being holy. There are no televisions in the community but there is a heated women's Mikveh



There are also women's studies as well as day care and kindergarten on the Moshav.


Here, people enjoy life. Tracy a resident of the Moshav put it this way, "We love it here and each day brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that we are in the right place." Many students  go to school mostly in Modi'in Illit which is next to Matityahu or Chashmona'im which is also minutes away. Almost every amenity you could want is within the 5 minute drive to Modi'in Illit. There is an English library, a grocery store right in Matityahu also regular bus service comes to Matityahu.


Children just Love this place. There is never a boring moment for there is much to do. Also for the adults there is always enjoyment with one another and they celebrate the festivals with joy.



There is not enough room to describe the works of Chessed they provide for each other in the community but these acts are the foundation of Torah Law. The houses are nice and cozy. 


This last word is from the Moshav to you,

 "If you are a family of B'nei Torah, preferably (but not necessarily) English-speaking, who is excited by the thought of building Your own house and who is interested in joining and contributing to a unique, close-knit Torah community in the center of Israel, we'd like to hear from you!"  





Modi'in Illit מודיעין עילית

 Modi'in Illit is a literal wonder among Israeli settlements. This Yishuv which is also know by many as Kiryat sefer קרית ספר is unique because it was formed on land acquired by a private land purchase for the specific intent of building housing for the fast growing Israeli Charedi community.  Formed in 1993 and with an astounding growth rate of 18%, the town now has about 30,000 souls. 


There are many young married couples and the average adult age here is under 40 years. About 30 Babies are born every week. Other large Charedi communities are Bnei Brak, Beitar Illit and one in Jerusalem. Modi'in Illit stands high between them both with about a 25 minute drive either way.


As a point of note, Bnei Brak is located next to Tel Aviv on the east and has about 160,000 people in which about 75% are Charedi. According to the Talmud-Sanhedrin 32b it was the seat of Rabbi Akiva's court. Since over half the people in Modi'in Illit do not have cars they are compensated with great bus service between Bnei Brak and Yerushalayim. Photo on right is a Chessed facility of Keren HaYeled in Bnei Brak. When parents are unable to look after their children, they do so, and return them when all is well.

A Jewish man traveling by Modi'in Illit was impressed by its Majestic look. It should be because here they serve G-d as King. They have more synagogues then you can count, about 15 Yeshivas, and numerous schools and over 20 Mikvot. The local community Chessed provides free food and diapers for new born babies for 3 weeks. There is a righteous organization that helps women in need with a branch in Modi'in.Illt. It is called Yad Letinok. They help out new mothers in need with cribs, play pens, strollers and clothing. also emotional support during pregnancy and after birth. 


Even financial support and food if needed. They are all volunteers. They will not abandon a mother in need however they do need your support.


Although most are Israeli Charedi in Modi'in Illit there are Torah classes for English speakers who make up about 15-20 percent of the people. Also there are Torah classes for religious Russian speaking women conducted here by Eshes Chayil. They also operate in other communities.

The town is blessed with lots of shops and services. Shopping centers, health clinics and more. The Big city of Modi'in is five minutes away and has much more.




Hatzolah, the volunteer Emergency Medical Service operates in Modi'in Illit and coordinates its self with Magen David Adom. They are on 24 hour response.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  It is a community of neighborhoods which cater to peoples different characteristics. Three main  districts are Brachfeld, Kiryat Sefer and Ganei Modi'in. Since Modi'in Illit is on a higher elevation, it is cooler in the summer making it more pleasant and not as hot as Tel Aviv. In Modi'in Illit you will not only enjoy the nice people but also an incredibly nice view from the hill top.

Come visit this Oasis of Holiness, a pearl of a city. Visit one of the many green parks and watch out for the many children G-d has blessed them with. Maybe Modi'in Illit will be your next home.







Mitzpe Yericho מצפה יריחו

Map of AreaMitzpe Yericho is a religious settlement of about 1200 souls. It is located about 10 minutes drive From Ma'ale Adumim and 10 minutes from the pristine Yam HaMelach (Dead sea). There might not be a place that is so isolated while at the same time being near the big city and at the same time possessing one of the best hill top views in all Israel. Look to the east and see the Dead sea and the country of Jordan. Turn your head a bit toward the north and see Yericho the city conquered by Yehoshua. Turn to the south and look at the awesome Judean hills. 


This Yishuv was established in 1977. There is an Ashkenazi Synagogue which is the main shul. It is  seen on the bottom left photo and a Sefardic seen on the right. There are Yemenite services as well as Chabad and others. Lots of minyans and Torah learning and two mikvot. 10 percent are English speaking.


There is an elementary school for kids up to age 6. Students of Junior high and up mostly go to Ma'ale Adumim. However there is a Yeshiva attended by some. The children love the Shalom that is in the air and the safe cozy environment. 



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      There is a medical clinic and an on call ambulance on the yishuv. Two doctors and 2 dentist all of which speak English live in Mitzpe Yericho. There is day care and kindergarten for children as well as a  park and play ground. There is even a grocery store for your basic needs.

  The Jewish community center in the Binyamin region has many activities for the kids such as Judo, ballet, music crafts, sewing and more. There is a Talmud Torah class with 200 children.



Many of those who do not work in Mitzpe Yericho make the 20 minute drive into Jerusalem. The Yishuv has a Library and there is a section with many children's books in English.


Mitzpe Yericho is just a nice place to live!



There is bus service to Jerusalem and to the Dead Sea. Just in case your are wondering, there are housing projects at work on the Yishuv. Besides Yam HaMelach to go and visit for a nice retreat, there is the Ein Fawwar nature reserve 5 minutes away and the Ein Fashcha nature reserve 20 minutes away. There on the left is a photo of Ein Fashcha. Also if you want to drive a little farther the you can reach the beautiful Ein Gedi near the coast of the Dead Sea. When David HaMelech was fleeing Shaul it is written, "From there David went up and lived in the strongholds of Ein Gedi."  


Mitzpe Yericho; Just another hill top paradise. The summers are warm and dry, the winters are mild. When are you coming up the hill to have a look? Our G-d is building us such a great nation. 

G-d is keeping His promise to Avraham to give us the land. 

The boys pass through a B'rit Mila because it is suppose to be a sign of our faith in that promise. Ask yourself. Do you really believe that promise?


Eli עלי





Eli was established in 1984 and today has about 3,000 children of Avraham. About 60% are religious. Everyone lives in harmony on hills up to 800 meters high. It is minutes away from Shilo on one side and Ariel on the other. It is being built as an anchor settlement for the others near by and here you will find a lot of amenities including a shopping center, stores a health clinic and more. There is a sports center and swimming pool which is shown in the above photo. A Library a shopping center with lots of stores. A small percentage speak English. Have a look on the map to the left. You will find Eli in the center. Eli is 30 minutes north of Jerusalem.





There is a Talmud Torah elementary school for boys, also some go to a school in near by Shilo. There is 3 adult Yeshivot one of which is a Mechina which is a military prep school. There are synagogues and Mikvot. There is B'nei Akiva youth groups. One for boys and one for girls.



 There is day care and playgrounds and a wonderful scenic view all around the Yishuv. The Yishuv its self is a delight to all and some of the best home prices anywhere. The security is always on guard watching out for you.






 A women of Eli named Tova puts her new life in the town this way, "We moved to Eli about 18 months ago from Bet El. We loved the open spaces of Eli, which is spread out over seven hills....Eli is one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been to. Where all the neat houses are perched on top of hills, with panoramic views. One feels like they are living on top of the world!



 There is wonderful life here. Maybe this is the life you are looking for.

  Beit Horon

Chashmona'im חשמונימ





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Chashmona'im is a Vibrant Yishuv also known as Ramat Modi'in רמת מודיעין. It was formed in 1985. Today it has 2,400 souls who are religious. You might say this is like an Modern Orthodox community. This is the influence of the 40% North American English speaking Olim. Therefore they have a Baseball diamond  and a baseball team called the Chashmona'im Braves.

You can find here  Jews that are Ashkenazic, Sefardic, and some Yemenites. There are 11 synagogues in this settlement in the Judean foot hills.



No one judges one another here. Their chessed toward each other shows itself in their volunteer committees designed to come to the aid of a fellow resident in a time of need. Everyone lives in unity with the Shalom of G-d. They look out for one another and for new coming Olims they will set up a family to introduce you to the community ways and amenities and help you to get to know your way around. They only require that new comers Keep Shabbot but after that you live your life. 




There are nice homes here to buy or rent. The location is just great. It is less then 5 minutes west of  Modi'in Illit and 30 minutes either way to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. There are a lot of professional people here but the truth is that most Yishuvim have many people with high professions. However it certainly is no requirement. Every Jew has a special talent from G-d.




Here there are shiurim for men and shiurim for women in English or Hebrew. You Choose. There is an elementary school, a girls Ulpana in neighboring Modi'in and in Chashmona'im a Yeshivat Ner Tamid junior high school for boys. The Yeshiva is committed to instill the value of religious Zionism in the boys. The day school and the Yeshiva are shown below.




In Chashmona'im there is a local grocery store with the basic needs but one can go to the big shopping center minutes away in Modi'in. There is a local Library with a selection of English books. One great thing about Chashmona'im is that you can live in a rural town but be minutes away from big city amenities. There is also near by health clinics  and emergency services.




In Chashmona'im they have life and like their Simchas. The photos below show them at their Yom Ha'atzma'ut celebration.




They have arranged activities for the kids in the Yishuv such as  judo, art, and dancing. And soon there will be a swimming pool and more is on the way. The people also get in evolved in charity actives such as the Alyn Hospital "wheels of love Charity Bike Ride" Participants are shown in the  center picture below. Others gave lots of support for Gush Katif.




When are you coming to have a look for yourself ?  Check out available homes and the community. What do you have to lose? 




Bring the kids. You just might find out they will love it here.






Ofra עפרה




Up the road north from Beit El is the settlement of Ofra. This can be described as a good place of good people dedicated to the cause of settling the land of Israel. They have build a well organized settlement and well groomed town and now about 2,500 souls live here since it was established in 1975. It has  a lot necessary amenities right on on the Yishuv. If one is looking to live in what can be described as a classic settlement then come and join the Ofra family of G-d loving souls. 










They have turned the dry land around their homes into a  green pleasant suburban community.  The Yishuv has an elementary school and separates the boys and girls. It has schools including Ulpana Ofra girls high school. The Boys this age would go to Beit El down the road. Although it is an all religious community there is a variety of Jews of many backgrounds. Here you may find women who cover their head and others who do not but no one is acting like another's judge but walk in a spirit of unity and the fear of G-d.








Ofra has born some good fruit. In 1995 some good Jews seeking to spread out the presence of G-d in the Land of Israel started an out post just over a kilometer East of Ofra. It is called......








Amona עמונה


Since 1995 this hill top outpost has grown and today is a real Yishuv although it still has the status of  an out post. It has 53 mobile trailers with 25 joyful families. They have a road that leads up the hill to their community. They have electricity and a water connection. The perimeter is lit up will tall floodlights to add to its security.




A young lady named Yifat, who lives in Amona and has her parents in Ofra said Israel's survival depends on extending its sovereignty to its natural borders. In deed she understands what the others here  also know, settling the Land is crucial for Israel to continue. Its the fruit G-d likes.




From the top of Amona one has a  view of the Holy City and can also see as far as the Dead Sea.

Children are springing up here like young plants as G-d continues to bless their Love for His Land.








One can almost hear in this hill top sanctuary of righteousness the voice in their  hearts saying,

"This is my G-d and I will build Him a Sanctuary; the G-d of my father and I will exalt Him." Shemot(Exodus)15:2 








Geva Binyamin (Adam)


This Holy settlement stands on the high hills in the Binyamin region, a little north of Holy Jerusalem. It is one of Israel's most beautiful settlement communities. Over 2,000 of Abraham's children live here. They are a mix of religious and secular.









Ma'ale Michmas




Mitzpeh Dani outpost




Kochov Ya'akov






Shvut Rachel
















Migron outpost




Tel Zion












Ma'ale Levona





Neve Tzuf (Chalamish)




















Kochov Hashachar







You now have been a witness to the Jewish life in the Binyamin region .  You see the proof that G-d is in the midst of Israel and that Israel is in need of you.

The foundation has now been laid for G-d's people everywhere to return to their Land.


So When Are You Coming Home?!


  “Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.”   Tehillim (Psalms) 125:1-2,

הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו


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