Be’er Sheva   באר שבע


And he (Avraham) replied, “Because you are to take these seven ewes from me, that it may serve me as testimony that I dug this well.” Therefore that place was called Be’er.Sheva because there the two of them took an oath. Thus they entered into a covenant at Be’er.Sheva…… And Avraham settled in Be’er Sheva. B’resheet.(Genesis).21:30-33;.22:19 


Modern Be’er Sheva is the gateway to the Negev desert. A person recently driving into the city thought that it is literally a city Oasis in the desert. The amazing thing is that this city was nothing more then a village when it was conquered by the I.D.F on October 21, 1948. Egyptian forces had been occupying it. There was no significant settling there for thousands of years because of the desert conditions. That is until the Jews arrived. The city is now 98.9 % Jewish according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. Ask yourself, if you know of such a city in the world with such a demographics as this. Now with the help of G-d, who is fulfilling his promises to Avraham avinu the first Jew to settle there; this place is turning it into an emerging modern metropolis.


Be’er Sheva has a population of about 185,000 and is expanding. One sign of a great city is that it has a world-class university. Indeed Be’er Sheva has one. The Ben Gurion University. Here one can get a Bachelor, Masters or a Medical degree. But that’s not all. There are departments of Chemistry, Behavioral Sciences and Communication Systems Engineering. If one is interested in Computer and Electoral Engineering, Environmental Development or Geology and mineralogy this is your place. Also here one can find departments of Life Sciences, Physics, Mechanical Engineering and more. The university campus is of a Modern design. 



Another sign of a great city is the presence of a world class Hospital. The Soroka Medical Center is just that very thing. 

Soroka serves an area of 300,000 people. This Hospital has 1,000 beds and handles 12,000 births a year. In a year it deals with 180,000 emergency room visits, 33,000 visits to the Pediatric emergency room, 90,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 operations. On staff are 600 doctors and 1,200 nurses. It is affiliated with the Ben Gurion University.


Indeed this city named Be’er Sheva is a modern day desert oasis. It can deceive most people who are not aware of its almost hidden modern day abundance. Avraham who first settled here knew of the hidden treasure of water under the ground and dug wells. Be’er.Sheva means well of oath. In the winter the rain comes down from the Hebron hills and fills the natural underground water sources.   


Be’er Sheva is about 25 % religious, therefore religious schools can be found and numerous  synagogues. Here you will find B’nai Akiva and Ezra youth groups. One can even find English Ashkenazi synagogues. There is also more then a few good kosher places to eat. Be’er Sheva is home of the Negev Academic College of Engineering. The city also has an English Library that caters to children and adults.   


There is a lot to do in Be’er Sheva if you like sports. There are different types of sports such as Tennis, Yoga, soccer, rugby and martial arts. Be’er Sheva also has a sports stadium. The city is home of Levant’s Chess Club. Did you know that Be’er Sheva is home to more chess grandmasters per capita than any other city in the world and at the time of this writing is hosting the world Chess Championships? Eliyahu Levant himself said, "There is no town like Beer Sheva for grandmasters," "Not Moscow and not St Petersburg.” The president was on hand to address the participants. Be’er Sheva has an air-modeling club called Aero, where young people build their own miniature planes and fly them.



And what about Music? The city is home to the Mandolin youth orchestra, which has also reached a professional level. This even though the age range is 10 to 20 years old. Its repertoire includes classical as well as folk. They have been in existence for over 30 years and its reputation is not limited to Israel but is also known in Europe. The building below is home to the orchestra. 


Every thing that a growing family needs is in Be’er Sheva. With every amenity one can think of, from one of Israel’s largest two story shopping malls to street markets. It is all here. 




Because Be’er Sheva is a modern thriving city it has also some of the best neighborhoods in the country. The standards of the local homes and architecture are first class and provide a first world western style standard of living. 



With a thriving city, also come job opportunities for both private and professional services. Beer Sheva is 60 kilometers east of Ashkelon and 60 kilometers west of the Dead Sea. It is about an hours drive to both Tel-Aviv and Holy Jerusalem. It has an average day time high Temperature of 63 F in January and 93 F in July. The fresh, clean dry air is great for your health especially for one who has breathing problems. At night the temperature cools down. The city is about 200 meters above sea level. 


It is time to surrender your heart to Be’er Sheva. Walk in the steps of our father Avraham who obeyed G-d and as a consequence modern Be’er Sheva exists today. 


Recently a government effort to make Be’er Sheva a regional center for the south became real with the completion of 30 government offices, and a rabbinical court in a five building complex all connected with accompanying shops and services. There is a pedestrian mall that connects the complex with the new urban Train Station. One coming out of the Train Station can also connect to the municipal building, the court and the University. 


 There is a lot happing here with lots of room to grow. It’s an ideal place to live. As one person recently said after a visit touring the country, “Israel is like one big wonderland” Israel waits for you and Be’er Sheva waits for you. Be'er Sheva is living proof that the G-d of Israel exists and that HE has returned to His people. The foundations of this city both ancient and recent have prepared this city to enter into its time of Glory.


 There is a beautiful suburb of Beer Sheva. It is just north of the city and it is called Omer.  It is a good or better ten anything you can find in the west. It is only ten minutes from down town Beer Sheva. Come and walk through the beautiful streets and see some wonderful modern homes. Surely you never thought the Beer Sheva area could look like this.



Opposite the Omer Residential area is an industrial area with many important companies.

Just north of Be'er Sheva is the Lahav Forest. It is evidence of the continuing miracle of the desolate land being turned into green by the returning Jews.

There is so much about Beer Sheva you have not yet seen. Maybe you will come here on a mission to plant trees like those in the picture below or maybe you are like these 3 university students or just a good loving parent. Understand that this Be’er.Sheva is for you. It is a friendly place to be.  


So when are you coming Home?!   

“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.”   Tehillim.(Psalms) 125:1-2

  הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם  חסדו

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