Ashdod אשדוד 

Ashdod is another spectacular Israeli city filled with culture and life. Here you find many Jews from Morocco and Russian speaking Jews. Many French Jews are also buying homes in this place because they find it to be an excellent place to come. Also about 200 English speaking Olim families live here. Modern Ashdod was founded in 1956 and today its population stands at about 210,000. It is about 97% Jewish. Ashdod is turning into another Jewel in the crown of Israel.



Ashdod is a city of excellent infrastructure.


Since Ashdod is a coastal city, it therefore has a sea shore. The Ashdod beaches are as good as they can come anywhere. Lets move on toward the beach front.




Ashdod may be best known for the "Port of Ashdod." 

In 1965 after about 7 years of construction it began to receive its first vessels. Since then it has expanded  and modernized to the extend that it is now possibly one of the world most high tech and efficient ports able to handle uncountable amounts of cargo and is now able to receive super tankers.


 The Port is even equipped for passenger cruise ships. 


In year 2007, the Port of Ashdod handled 16.2 million tons of cargo. 

This was an increase of over 7 % from the previous year.

The Port Photos in this profile are from the Ashdod Port Company LTD.


In Ashdod, Modern Culture comes alive. There will be never a dull moment in this city.





Recently there was a impressive performance at the Ashdod International film and music festival by the King David Kids. See them in the photos below.


At the Ashdod Museum of Art-Monart Center, one can see exhibits of modern and contemporary art in 12 galleries and 2 halls located in the pyramid like building where also cultural events take place.

Below are 2 photos of the Ashdod Arts Center.



Here you can hear the Israeli Andalusite Orchestra.

Come and see the distinguished Ashdod Symphony Orchestra.

If you like Piano then come to the Ashdod Conservatory (Akadma). Recently at a competition the Famed Israeli Pianist Ianina Kudlik awarded prizes. She was the artistic director of the competition. See her in photos with the winners below.


Many cultural events are held at the  Yad LaBanim concert hall seen below

And the new culture Center


If you like Ballet then come to Ashdod. The City is home to the Famous Ballet master Valery Panov. He was born in Byelorussia and studied at what is know today as the Academy of Russian Ballet. Today Israelis can  learn at his school in Ashdod.



Ashdod is a wonderful place. Below a photo of the impressive City Hall Building.

And what do they say about their City,

"Anybody who walks along the city streets marvels at its urban design. The city is divided into seven residential quarters, it preserves wide living spaces between its districts and within them by means of extended roads intersecting the city far and wide. The green barrier and lawns at the shores of the renewed Lakhish stream separate the city and the industrial areas. Along with high-storied buildings and commercial centers, many villas and cottages were built, preserving open air space and natural landscape of Ashdod."

Ashdod has ultra modern shopping malls. Below are 2 photos of the Ashdod Sea Mall.

Ashdod lives in the future. What else does the City say about themselves? Well, they will tell you about their excellent  schools. They say,

"These are magnificent and modern educational institutions offering advanced equipment and devices, educational initiatives and original pedagogical programs, and above all significant investment into scientific and technological laboratories. They constitute a part of the educational system, which provides high-level educational services and builds stable and strong infrastructure, so that every child and youth can securely advance along the preparatory paths towards tomorrow’s challenges."

If you like boating there is the Ashdod Marina which is seen on the photo to the left and beside it is a photo of the Ashdod oil refinery.


Have another look at Ashdod

It is a City that likes to express its modern culture. 


Below is the Ashdod Moroccan Cultural center building.

Have you considered Ashdod as a home for your family?



                                                                                                                                                                                             For those who want to join the people of Ashdod by doing Aliyah, The City says the following,

"Four absorption centers, tens of Hebrew language schools and educational centers, training and professional re-qualification courses, the Immigrant House, associations and numerous volunteer organizations work as municipal frameworks for immigrants’ welfare and make the absorption process easier."



So When Are You Coming Home?!


“Those who trust in HaShem are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so HaShem surrounds His people, from this time forth and forever.”   Tehillim (Psalms) 125:1-2,


הודו ל'' כי טוב כי לעולם חסדו


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