ברוך אתה הי הבוחר בעמו ישראל באהבה

Blessed are  You, Hashem, Who chooses His people Israel with Love.

Ground Breaking Video : Documentary

"The Spring of Judea and Samaria"

Enter into the Glorious world of the cities and towns of Israel. Your heart will be stirred and your eyes will begin to open.  You will find unequivocal proof that our Beloved G-d has returned to the Jewish people. Just click the Photo below to see through the opening into an exciting new world.



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 Yehuda and Shomron 

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  order book here CLICK>>> Judea and Samaria The Land of G-d  By Ezra Ridgley 


It's about time someone set the record straight on the value and importance of the settlement movement. Ezra delves into the characters of these communities and presents to the reader, this exciting and vibrant time in history as the Jewish people return to their ancestral land. An important read for those who want to know the real story of what is happening in Israel"  Tamar Yonah- Radio talk show host at >

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Judea and Samaria - The Land of G-d